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Harmony® Halvia (Chia Seed) 1kg

Harmony® Halvia (Chia Seed) 1kg

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Superfood for Life

Want to improve your diet but you have no clue how or where to start? You should probably start with chia seeds! This amazing superfood has a long history of cultivation and consumption by ancient Aztecs and Mayans. These pre-Colombian civilizations used chia seeds as a key component of their food and medicine.
‘Chia’ is the Mayan word for ‘strength’, adding these powerful chia seeds to your diet not only give you high energy and endurance, but is incredibly easy too!

What are HALVIA chia seeds good for?

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Muscle energy and endurance
  • Joint function and mobility
  • Digestion regularity and detoxification
  • Maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels
  • Memory and mental clarity
  • Hormone modulation
  • Sexual health
  • Skin complexion

Harmony® Halvia (Salvia Hispanica sp. chia seeds) offer a solution for every stage of human life.

Despite their tiny size, these seeds are the highest known plant source of Omega-3 fatty acids. They are also naturally rich with protein, calcium, magnesium, anti-oxidants, iron, zinc and dietary fiber, definitely one of the world’s healthiest whole foods!

Our diet, with grains as staple couple with lots of other processed and cooked foods, has left us with a serious deficiency in Omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fibre, and anti-oxidants. These have contributed as the major risk factors of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseasediabetesobesity and inflammatory diseases

Processed food

They are undeniably convenient, but they are loaded with added preservatives and synthetics to prolong shelf life and generally have low nutritional value,high calories and virtually devoid of fiber.


Cooking destroys heat sensitive nutrients, creating harmful free radicals that can lead to cancerpremature aging and many otherinflammatory diseases


Don't we love rice, pasta and bread? Little do we know these staple food have overly high amounts of Omega-6 fatty acids and seriously deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids.


Most grains are high in Omega-6 fatty acids and very low in Omega-3 fatty acids.

A diet devoid of Omega-3 fatty acids and excess of Omega-6 fatty acids increases the risk of unregulated inflammation, leading to joint painsmenstrual cramps and other symptoms.

While regulated inflammation protects the body from injury and infection, chronic inflammation can damage normal cells and tissues as well as impair the immune system. In fact, it is one of the major causes of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, cancer and other inflammatory diseases.
Clinical studies have shown increasing Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids ratio protects against chronic and degenerative diseases. In a nutshell, how much Omega-3 fatty acids the we need depends on how much Omega-6 fatty acids we consume.

15 grams Halvia gives you 3100 milligrams of Omega-3 fatty acids in the form of ALA.



We pride ourselves on providing only the best quality chia seeds harvested from the Salvia Hispanica sp. plant.

The seeds go through our unique rigorous two-stage cleaning and selection process. Tiny impurities such as pebbles, dead leaves and sometimes insect larvae commonly found among chia seeds are removed. We use only healthy and fully mature chia seeds, while unripe and over-ripe seeds with low nutritional values are discarded.
The seeds are constantly tested for contaminants to ensure that they always meet and exceed the highest quality standards.


  • Athletes or people with active lifestyle
  • People with gluten sensitivity 
  • Women suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Diabetes patients
  • People suffering from malnutrition
  • People with weight management issues
  • Vegetarians
  • People with cardiovascular problems (blood pressure, cholesterol and heart problems)
  • People with Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Serving suggestions.

Our Halvia is the most versatile superfood ever.

You can either eat it dry, add it into your salad, yoghurt or granola, soak it in water or juice before consumption or include it into your baked goods.

We highly recommend to let the seeds gel up before consumption to maximize its nutritional profile!(soak about 15mins before consumption)

2 to 3 servings per day or as recommended by your healthcare professional.


Ingredients: USDA Organic Salvia Hispanica sp.



Servings per Container: 20

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (15 g)

Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
Calories81 kcal 
Calories from Fat45 kcal 
Total Fat4.9 g8%
Saturated Fat< 0.5 g1%
Trans Fat0 g 
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Sodium< 3 mg0%
Potassium105 mg70%
Total Carbohydrate6.6 g2%
Dietary Fiber4.2 g16%
Sugar0 g 
Protein2.5 g5%
Calcium123 mg13%
Magnesium59 mg17%
Iron2.5 mg14%
Phosphorus160 mg20%
Zinc1.1 mg9%
Omega 3 Fatty Acid

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