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Harmony® Previa

Harmony® Previa

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Harmony® Previa is a blend of cold-milled Harmony® Halvia premium chia seeds and Harmony® Prebiotic. Our proprietary cold-milling process exposes more nutritional qualities of the chia seeds, helping the body to reap greater nutritional benefits.

The premium chia seeds go through our proprietary ChillMill™ process to ensure excellent preservation of all its nutritional value, especially the Omega-3 fatty acids. These facts are supported by independent lab analysis reports. 

On top of that, the cold milling process also enables nutrients to be assimilated more easily by our body.

Do you know that there are 10 times more bacteria cells than human cells in our body? No, these bacteria cells are not our foe!

On the contrary, these friendly bacteria – collectively known as probiotics – serve to boost our body immunity, improve nutrient absorption and regulate our bowel functions. So it goes beyond saying, we need to feed them well so that they are always there for us!

Prebiotics is the ideal food for these bacteria. In other words, prebiotics is vital for the healthy flourishment of probiotics.

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